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Simple Tips to Keep Plumbing Pipes from Freezing

Every season has positive and negative aspects. The winter season is beautiful, but it can come with bad news, especially for homeowners who know a thing or two about freezing plumbing pipes. The following are a few tips to help ensure you do not deal with freezing pipes.

Temperature Control

One thing that experienced plumbers like those at http://innovativeplumbingsolutions.com/ have noticed is that many homeowners believe that freezing pipes only happen in the winter season. This is not exactly the case. Pipes are vulnerable in frigid temperatures, which can happen at night and when the pipes are not insulated.

Pipes vulnerability to freezing is one reason why it is recommended that homeowners keep the temperature above 50 degrees, even when they are not at home. Temperatures lower than that could end up freezing your pipes.

Relieve Some Pressure

It might be a good but costly idea to just let the faucet drip, especially when the temperature drops. This does not prevent the pipes from freezing, but it temporarily relieves pressure that might build up due to freezing pipes. Pressure built-up is no good because it puts your plumbing system in danger of bursting.

Of course, this is a temporary fix, so the best solution is to talk to experts about the problem to make sure that this does not happen. A burst pipe can be quite expensive and puts your entire home’s water supply in jeopardy.

Crack a few Doors

Many indoor pipes run through the cabinets around your home. It is important to know where these pipes are and to crack the doors, especially during the winter. This helps because the temperature controlled air can circulate into the cabinets, which can keep the piping warm enough to prevent it from freezing.

The doors do not have to be cracked all day, but you should open them a few times during the day or when you know your kids will not be home running around.

Seal Cracks or Holes

One of the worst things a home has to deal with is the temperature outside creeping into the house. This happens for many reasons; for example, cracks on the property could let in cold air. This makes your air conditioner work harder than it needs to and makes a home cooler than it needs to be, which puts your piping in danger of freezing.

Some of the most overlooked areas where there could be an air leak issue is in the basement, so make sure you check there just in case. Some small cracks can be fixed with something as simple as caulk, so solving this issue might be simpler than you might imagine.

Warm Tapes

Warming tapes are not usually recommended because they can pose a danger, but this heating tape can be helpful. There are two versions of the tape. The first type plugs up to get warm, and the other automatically turns on when it detects a drop in temperature. These pose a danger because they can get quite hot and could hurt young family members.

This is one reason why professionals suggest that your pipes are properly insulated, especially before the winter hits. Insulation helps protect pipes against drastic temperatures.

Hopefully, these ideas help guide you in the right direction and help keep your pipes from freezing. Keep in mind that you can always talk to your plumbing specialist for additional suggestions or help this winter. Still, it is clear to see that keeping your pipes from freezing is not as hard as you might have thought.