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All about Plumbing Pipe Fittings

Plumbing is the working with the pipes, pipe joints, tubes, and everything related to the water flow system. Pipes are always in straight shape but pipes are joined with the help of different fittings. The fittings that are used for joining different pipes and fittings to build a complete plumbing system. The different plumbing fittings are joined with each other using small piece of pipe which are called plumping pipe nipples.

Modern plumbing have seen many changes in past few years and new plumbing techniques have been developed. The plumbing materials have also changed with the passage of time. Nowadays PVC, CPVC, galvanized steel and copper pipes are being manufactured. PVC and CPVC pipes have brought revolution in the plumbing industry. These pipes have replaced the traditional metal pipes because these are easier to shape and join. But metal pipes are also used in many places, mostly industrial and commercial sector.

Plumbing pipe nipples are used to join two pieces of pipe fittings. Pipe nipples have different types depending on the size of the nipples. The nipples vary on the basis of the length and the material. These types include short pipe nipple, long pipe nipple and close pipe nipple. These are the most commonly used types of pipe nipples. Pipe nipples are made with different types of material including PVC pipe nipples, steel pipe nipples, brass pipe nipples, copper pipe nipples etc.

There are many other types of pipe fittings that are widely used in the plumbing systems. These fittings include:

Nipple– A short piece of pipe used to connect two other fittings, such as hoses, pipes and funnels

Elbow– L shaped fitting which is installed between two pipes to change the shape at 90° angle.

Cap– Lid like fitting which is used for covering the end of pipes to keep the gas or liquid pipes sealed.

Plug- Used to close off the end of the pipe. It has similar function as a cap but it is fitted inside the fitting, rather than outside.

Coupling– Used to connect two pipes together to form a long pipe. Normally used to extend length of the pipe. It uses welding or molding of pipes together to make it strong.

Union– Almost same as coupling but it allows more convenient and fast connection and disconnection of pipes. Uses threads so you can easily connect or disconnect pipes.

Valve- Used to stop or regulate the flow of fluids, gas or other materials in a pipe.

Tee– Used to split the flow of gas or water. Attached to the end of a pipe where you want to split the flow at 180°. The T shaped pipe gets flow from one side of pipe and splits it in two.

Barb– Used to connect a flexible hose to a pipe. Normally used to increase the pressure of water by narrowing the water flow.

You should always get your plumbing supply from the trusted manufacturer because plumbing is most important part of a building. If there is some problem with pipes which causes leakage, then there is danger that the walls of the building will be collapsed due to seepage of water in the concrete.