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5 Most Important Facts about Patios

One of the most attractive and useful additions to the home is a terraced area, or patio, as it is commonly known. The extra space is typically attached to either the side or the rear of the property, and can be accessed from within by a pair of sliding patio doors. What would summers be without patios? It doesn’t bear thinking about, such is the value that a nice patio puts into family life. If you are thinking of having a patio, or possibly resurfacing the existing terrace, here are some things you should know about patios.

  1. The Base Must Be Solid – Like any other form of construction, there needs to be a solid foundation, in order to provide stability. The average terrace would have a foundation about 8 inches thick, and this would consist of broken bricks and stones. During the installation, this rubble is compressed and then the steel rebar and poured concrete can be levelled.
  1. Correct Grading – When designing a terraced area, one must take into account the run of water, so the patio should ideally slope slightly away from the home, or perhaps to one side, and suitable water channels will carry excessive rainwater away.
  1. A Choice of Materials – A patio could be made from concrete, or liquid limestone, which is much cooler underfoot, and for those who want something more elegant, natural stone pavers offer a traditional look, and with zero maintenance, natural stone is an attractive option. It might cost a little more than concrete, but it will remain in pristine condition for many years, such is the nature of stone. Timber floored al fresco areas are very trendy, and with the right furniture and awning, you will have the ideal Mediterranean ambience.
  1. Design and Construction – Both are critical, and if you have never undertaken such a project, it is recommended to talk to a professional landscape gardener, or better still, a company that customises patios, and also provides all the extras one would require. A one stop shop in other words. If you are in Western Australia, for the very best in customised solutions, outdoor patios by Platinum Outdoors offer a unique design service, and with some of the best patios in Perth created by them, you can be sure of a good job.
  1. Know Your Budget – Before talking to anyone or even thinking design, decide how much money you are prepared to invest in your new terraced area, and that includes all the furniture and screening, along with retaining walls and pathways, oh, and let’s not forget the lighting. Once you have reached a figure you can comfortably afford, then talk to a professional and outline your ideas, and they will soon be able to tell you if it is within your budget. Always remember that this improvement will hopefully add significant value to the property, so don’t skimp, after all, you want to get the maximum use from this new living space, so quality and durability should be high priorities.

A garden can be transformed with the right patio, and with modern accessories, you can create the perfect al fresco dining area to entertain your friends.