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Which Window – Fibreglass Or Vinyl Pro – Should Be Installed And Why?

When it comes to replacing a window in your home, it is important to take into consideration the many different types of window frame materials available, weigh their pros and cons and also take into account the style that would be a good-fit for your homes. While it is true that these days window frames come in a number of different materials, but the most sought after ones are vinyl pro windows and fibreglass windows.


Whether you want to pep up the aesthetic appearance of your home, or open up a spectacular view or simply replace your old and draft windows as they’re letting in more wind and rain than they keep out, installing new windows can bring about dramatic changes to your home. When talking about window replacement, homeowners, these days, tend to come up with a common questions – which window material – fibreglass or vinyl pro windows – should I choose and why? Since both these types of window material come with their own set of pros, so in an effort to help you make an informed decision, the same have been broken up into digestible chunks of information.

Maintenance: To start off with maintenance, both vinyl pro windows and fibreglass windows are extremely easy to maintain. When it comes to keeping your windows clean and ensuring that they are fully functional, both these materials are good to go with, but however, fibreglass windows require a bit more maintenance than the vinyl ones.

Aesthetics: On the aesthetics front, both fibreglass and vinyl pro windows are aesthetically appealing. They can be customized to fit the style and design architecture of your homes. Whether you want wood grain texture windows or plain cream coloured ones, vinyl and fibreglass windows are available in all shades, styles and designs. Specifically designed to be fade-resistant, peel-resistant and flake-resistant, these windows pledge to improve the value of your homes that will last for years to come.

Energy efficiency: Although both fibreglass and vinyl pro windows are have excellent insulation properties that can help you curb your energy cost, but fibreglass windows enjoy the edge in this category. Being an insulating material itself, fibreglass windows do not require any kind of thermal barrier like vinyl window does. Moreover, fibreglass windows do not transfer heat easily and due to slower expansion and contraction rates as compared to vinyl pro windows, these window ensure reduced air leakage.

Durability: Although vinyl pro windows are durable and are good to go with all types of climatic conditions, but over time, heat and sun can wear these windows down. This is exactly where the fibreglass windows score over its vinyl counterparts. Fibreglass windows are becoming increasingly popular because of their strength and integrity in all climatic conditions. The colour and finish of fibreglass windows are consistent, and as such of your windows ever get nicked or scratched, the same doesn’t show up easily because the colour underneath is the same as the exterior colour and finish. In a nutshell, fibreglass windows offer a level of durability that remains unmatched.

Cost-effectiveness: Now this is one of the most important factors that homeowners take into consideration when planning windows replacement. Although vinyl pro windows are more affordable than the fibreglass ones, but then again, the overall cost largely depends upon the type of windows, shape of windows and the number of windows being installed.

In terms of durability, aesthetics and energy-efficiency, fibreglass windows have an edge over the vinyl pro windows, but since each window is purchased to serve different purpose for different people, so it’s important for you to analyse your requirement and then take the best decision.