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Acacia Hardwood Flooring

Buying the good hardwood for floor is must. We actually choose the color, plank sizes mostly. But you should also consider one more thing that is “ Toughness & Durability of the Hardwood ” . For all this issues I suggest acacia wood flooring. Many interior designers and  homeowners praised the durability and the features of acacia. It is affordable and has its best rustic appeal. To know more about acacia wood just follow my lead in this page to know the best hardwood for flooring.hardwood flooring

Features of Acacia Wood Flooring:

  • This Hardwood is available in a wide variety of flamboyant & subdued colors and in various textures in smooth and robust patterns.
  • Available in different plank sizes. It spreads a sweet lingering fragrance wherever you are in your home on acacia hardwood.
  • Acacia hardwood lasts longer at any conditions even after rough use, you don’t find any scrape marks, scratches or any dents on it.
  • It allows flexibility to carpenters to change the wood into any shape/form.
  • It endowed with wax coating and thus protects from pests and water.
  • It suits best in terms of comfort for both pets and humans. It is available all around the globe.
  • It is eco-friendly hardwood.
  • It is available at good price 3.99 ( usd/square feet , 5.89 usd/square feet ). It adds values to your money. Even though you wash periodically, it lasts longer with greater durability than other woods.
  • It is easily installable and you don’t need to nail flooring or stick with glues.
  • It has sophisticated and rich look, thus it is right for hotels, night clubs, high-end cars etc.
  • Smooth to touch and looks like antique and best.

It is also good for both outdoor and indoor furniture. Really it stand for all frequent rough uses. The most famous janka hardness scale gave 2300 psi rank, renders more than 90% more-hard than the carbonized bamboo, 55% more-hard than the European white oak wood & 23% more-hard than hickory wood. To know more about the best durable hardwood proceed along this article.

Does Acacia hardwood good for flooring of home??

No need to doubt, acacia is the superior durable wood which suits for all conditions like different temperatures of home.

Most Useful Points to Consider when installing hardwood flooring to your home/Office:

Long Lasting wood: Yeah this is the first thing you have to see. Acacia is the wood which comes to any mind for suggestion. Really Acacia is awesome for flooring & sellers offers 50 years warranty for acacia hardwood flooring. If you care much about the floor, it will last longer.

Does wood good for all types of Rooms: When this thought comes to mind, just choose Acacia for Hardwood Flooring. But just take care of standing water prone areas like bathrooms and the basements. It is also good for offices because it looks like more professional, less maintenance& helps preventing inhalation of allergens and dust particles.

Coming to the conclusion about the durability of the wood, acacia hardwood flooring is one of the most durable species on the market. It will be available with 50 years warranty in the market and it is best. So Get Acacia for hardwood flooring.