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9 Home Design Trends to Ditch in 2016

Every New Year brings in New Year resolutions and as we prepare for our personal goals, it is time to take a stock of our homes too and evaluate what we need to retain and what should be made redundant. It can be an overwhelming task for anybody to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends and seeking an expert opinion certainly helps. With the spurt in the demand for new ideas to remodel our homes, interior designers are constantly innovating strategies to cater to this need. Increasingly more and more interior designing websites are making their headway on the internet and there is a constant lookout for real estate content writers who can communicate their products and services effectively to the wider audience. Online content market places like contentmart.com are flooded with freelance real estate writing jobs. Indeed, this booming industry has created employment for several who are seeking real estate content writing jobs.

Assorted below is a list of few trends that you should let go this year as you embrace the latest ones:

  1. Cumbersome Bathtubs

Once a craze amongst the elite crowd, bathtubs are slowly fading away as they occupy too much space and people don’t use them often. Consumers are more inclined towards shower cubicles which are more spacious, provide a feeling of openness, can be customised and are easy to maintain.


  1. Kitchen Desks

Kitchen Desks are no longer cool as they consume space and are better off in your study or bedroom. Maximise this space usage by adding a touch of greenery or by setting up few storage cabinets and have a relaxed mind as you cook your favourite dish.


  1. Less of Grey

Popular for a long time, 2016 saw the decline of the grey mania. While grey looks chic and classy, yet it has been overused in practically every aspect of home interiors, whether furniture, wall paint, floors etc. Consumers are ditching grey these days and opting for high contrasting rooms which add colour and spirit to their homes.


  1. Wooden Barn Doors

Once popular, wooden barn doors are slowly fading out as sliding glass / plywood doors have taken over their place. While wooden barn doors provide a farm-style look to your interiors and complement well if your overall theme is rustic, yet they are more suited for farmhouses. Sliding glass or plywood doors, on the other hand, provide a sleek and contemporary edge to your interiors and are fast replacing the traditional barn doors as an alternative.


  1. Bulky Furniture

With ‘Less is More’ being hailed as the mantra of 2016, bulky and inert furniture have no place in your rooms. It is wise to decorate your rooms with fluid furniture as you can move them around freely and your room can be remodelled more frequently without any hassles.


  1. Mirrored Furniture

Mirrors have this inherent quality to liven up any room and they have always been riding high in the popularity charts. However, overuse of mirrored furniture can mar the sophistication of your room and make it seem loud and over-the-top. Limit the usage of mirrors in your rooms and go for chic statement pieces and watch the transformation from loud and crass to refined and classy!


  1. Dark Granite Countertops

Dark granite countertops were the ubiquitous choice for our kitchens for long but they are no longer the hot commodities that they were in the past. Given the many stylish alternatives that are available to the consumers like quartz, ceramic, solid wood, marble, steel, concrete etc., consumers are slowing moving away from the traditional granite to the trendy alternatives.


8. Traditional Crystal Chandeliers

They have adorned your ceilings for way too long and time has come for an upgrade. With so many styles, shapes and colour options, don’t be restricted to the traditional ones. Instead, try out multiple pendant lights or an oversized chandelier and be prepared for many admiring glances coming your way!


  1. Faux Finishes

The New Year brags of all things that are authentic and eco-friendly and no wonder faux finishes have been shown the door. Faux finishes are on the wane with consumers going gaga over recyclable products like jute, wood, bamboo etc.