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Services Offered by Drainage Experts in Victoria, BC

Whether you are the owner or occupant of a residential or commercial establishment, it is very important to ensure that your drainage system is in its best working condition. Luckily, there are various companies that have specialized in offering reliable inspection, cleaning, repair, maintenance, and replacement/upgrading of drainage systems. These companies have the expertise and equipment to handle large, as well as small projects.


Services Offered by Drainage Experts in Victoria, BC

If you are in Victoria, BC, you will find well-established companies that offer a range of services targeting different parts of the drainage systems. These companies are staffed with experienced experts who can carry out effective repair, cleaning, maintenance, as well as replacement of your drainage system. Whether you need drain cleaning services or are looking for qualified specialists who can service, repair or replace perimeter drains in Victoria, BC, these companies have you covered. The services they normally offer include:

  1. Sumps and Backup Systems

Sump pumps are special types of equipment, which prevent water damage in basements and crawl spaces. They offer the best defence against flooding, as they are specially designed to expel all the water that is collected in a sump hole before reaching the crawl space or basement level. The skilled professionals at these companies can install, repair and even service your sump pump system, hence ensuring optimal performance.

  1. Foundation Protection

To waterproof the foundation of your building, it is very important to determine the exact location of the water seepage. Professional foundation water-proofing contractors at these companies will mark the source of the seepage when it is active. This enables them to choose the most appropriate solution for the problem. Whether the seepage is through the walls, the floor/wall joint, or over the wall, they have the expertise and equipment to avert the problem.

  1. Trenchless Solutions

If you would like to replace your pipes without intrusive digging, the experts can offer you reliable trenchless solutions that are less expensive and less messy. These technicians are always equipped with sophisticated equipment to help you service your sewer, repair or even replace your waterline without destroying your yard. Since the process usually requires the digging of just two access holes, the method is much faster, cheaper and more convenient.

  1. Pipe Inspections done with Cameras

These experts also offer video inspection services to ensure effective monitoring of the drainage system. Here, special video cameras are installed at strategic points on your drainage system to help monitor the flow of waste or water through the system. The technology offers a clean, accurate, proactive and cost-effective way of detecting problems in your drainage system without any mess. By using this method, you can easily spot where there is a problem with your drainage.

  1. Hydro-Jetting & Rootering

Hydro-jetting is a unique process which involves the use of high-speed or high-pressure water to effectively clear any blockages in the pipe systems. Here, the experts usually employ high-performance hydro-jetting systems with a heavy-duty power nozzle, which is attached to a high-pressure source. This technique can effectively clear the buildup of grease, sand, silt or any other types of sediment.

These experts also offer basement waterproofing, back-flow protection, utility/pipe locating, pre-purchase surveys, and perimeter drain maintenance, among other services. Whether you are in need of drain cleaning services or are looking for experts who can help you maintain your perimeter drains in Victoria, BC, these companies can help.