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How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

The home should be a comfortable place to reside throughout the year where you can relax and unwind. During the winter season, more people spend time indoors while avoiding the harsh weather conditions outside. When you want to prep your home for the winter season ahead, there are a few important tasks to complete.

Caulk Holes

You’ll want to reduce the amount of air that escapes the building by caulking holes and cracks that have formed in the siding of your home. Caulking is an easy DIY activity that will reduce your energy usage on the property and will make it easier to keep the inside of the home warm. You can learn more about caulking holes by clicking here.

Clean the Gutters

According to accuweather.com, it’s important to clean the gutters of leaves and debris that have accumulated to prevent water from becoming backed up onto the roof. Rainwater that isn’t drained off of the roof can cause leaks to form and will add excess pressure on the structure. The downspouts should also be at least five feet away from the building to ensure that the water is redirected away from the house.

Cleaning the gutters will also prevent critters or termites from feeding off the water and causing damage to the home. You can also check for moss on the home, which can cause damage to the roof and will eventually cause the roofing materials to rot. You’ll need a mixture of bleach, water, and trisodium phosphate to kill the moss and prevent it from spreading on the house during the winter season.

Inspect Your Heating System

Hire a professional to inspect your heating system to keep it running well throughout the season. You’ll discover any repairs that may be needed to keep the appliance operating well and prevent it from failing. The professional will also let you know when it needs to be replaced due to its lifespan and if it’s more expensive to repair than replace.

Cover Your Outdoor Products

According to womansday.com, cover anything that is going to stay outdoors during the season to protect it from damage that is caused by rain, snow, and other types of environmental elements. A cover should be placed on the pool to prevent it from freezing. Grills and patio furniture should also be covered to keep them in good condition until spring arrives.

Seal the Chimney

Prevent costly leaks from developing on the bricks of your chimneys by sealing it every five years. It’s an easy DIY project if you use a ladder to apply clear acrylic water seal to the outside of the feature and paint it on liberally. It’s important to seal it on a dry day to avoid applying it on a wet surface.

By preparing your home for the winter season, you can reduce the risk of damage or wear. You’ll enjoy getting plenty of use out of your home and increasing the lifespan of the materials that are used.