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DIY Furniture Refinishing Tips

When you first move into your home, you have all sorts of ideas as to how everything will come together. The reality of the financial obligations soon sets in, so most families get creative. You should buy new pieces when and where you can, but companies like Wicker Paradise sell a variety of replacement accessories you can use to revamp old pieces as well.

Take a little time to refinish your furniture on your own. This will give you a way to get just the colors that you want, especially on replacement patio cushions that seem to have faded while sitting outside. You can refinish the cushions with a material that repels water and that is easier to clean than cloth.

If you’re looking for a way to make your furniture stylish while adding beauty, consider replacing the cushions that you have with Lloyd Flanders cushions. You’ll often find designs that feature floral prints as well as a few bright colors that blend well with the outdoors. The cushions are usually made with a soft material that is comfortable to sit on so that you’re relaxed while outside. When refinishing the cushions, you want to remove the outer cover, washing it in warm water and a mild soap.

Before adding cushions for outdoor furniture, you can do a little sanding and painting so that you have different colors and designs than before. After applying a stripper to the surface of the furniture, add the shavings from where you sanded the edges as these will absorb moisture and sludge of the dissolved finish, making the project less messy.