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Water heating repairs in Kitchener – Not all heaters are the same!

You are likely already aware of the fact that there are dozens of different types of water heaters you can purchase and have installed in the home. From the latest tankless systems, to gas, electric, conventional, or even hybrid and solar heated systems, the options are truly endless. This is why it is important that before hiring plumbers in Kitchener to perform different repair services, you are fully aware of the different water heating repairs in Waterloo those companies can perform.
Types of services offered –
When residential water heating repairs in Waterloo have to be performed in your home, which of the local companies should you hire for repair services? As a homeowner, some of the relevant factors you want to consider when hiring a plumbing company includes:
– 24/7 service and emergency work performed around the clock.
– Whether they offer free estimates for the repair services.
– If they are licensed and insured, and how long they have been performing water heating repairs in the area.
– If they also perform full drain plumbing, cleaning, and flushing, when performing repairs on the heater.

Not all plumbers in Kitchener can offer all of these services. When choosing a company or technician, inquire about the type of services performed, who will perform it, and what their experience is in that type of service. It will save you a great deal of headaches and money, since repairs will properly be completed the first time around.

Types of heaters they service –
As stated above, no two water heaters are exactly alike. Therefore, the repairs performed on each heater will vary. And, depending on the type of and level of damage, the services a plumbing technician will perform are going to vary. So, before hiring a company, you have to find out if they service the types of heater(s) you have installed in the home. Some common heating systems include:
– Conventional (Traditional electric or gas heaters which require either form of energy to produce hot water for the home).
– Tankless (Wall units, which are more efficient, as they only produce hot water when the faucet is running).
– Hybrid heat pump (A combination of a conventional tank and hot air, which pumps the hot water through the system).
– Solar (Which relies on energy from the sun to produce hot water for the home).

The type of repair will vary depending on which of these systems are installed in the home. Additionally, not every plumber is qualified to work on each of these systems. When hiring a company to perform repair work, homeowners have to make sure the company hired has a licensed and insured technician who is qualified and fully trained to work on the type of heater they have.

Of course, there are many companies you can choose to hire when heater repairs are necessary in the home. Before you choose a company, make sure you compare local companies and make all the necessary inquires, so that you do hire the right company, and the most qualified technicians to work on the heating system in your home.