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Tremendous Tiles: Great Options for Outdoor Paving

Summer has arrived and homeowners are looking at ways to make their backyards and other outdoor areas more attractive. One way to achieve this? Using tiles to pave the flooring with a variety of different paving materials such as porcelain, quartzite, slate, and travertine!

One of the great benefits of using natural stone tile (such as quartzite, slate and travertine) is that they are all incredibly strong materials that can withstand a lot of foot traffic. They’re also able to survive the elements with sealing, so even though a patio with stone tiles might get the most use in the summer, the tiles and the designs will last all year round.

Similarly, porcelain tile is also popular for outdoor paving because it has great strength and is often a less expensive option than using natural stone – plus, it doesn’t require any sealing.

Each material has its own benefits and styles, so it’s useful to describe some of the ways to show them off in making the outside of a home something that will look fantastic. The projects can be small-scale such as paving a walkway, or covering an entire patio. The only limitations are the size of the space available and the imagination of the homeowner.

For example, porcelain can be produced to resemble a large variety of other materials including naturally occurring stone. Porcelain tile can be made to look like quartz with the gray shades and patterns found in that stone, but at a lower cost. And because it’s factory-produced, it means the tiles will all be the same size and easier to create features such as a walkway outside, where each tile is separated by gravel at the same distance, it makes for an easy installation.

Then again, many homeowners like to know their tile is the real deal with natural stone, and one option many like to use is quartzite. This naturally occurring rock was once sandstone but over time due to heat and pressure changed into sandstone. It’s often produced in tiles blending shades of red, brown, and gray that work wonderfully to cover an entire outdoor floor. The tiles work well with many types of exterior wall coverings and colors, and will be resilient throughout every season.

Or consider using slate to cover the entire floor of a patio or other outdoor area. Some people might think of slate as only available in black, but there are many types of slate tile available including some with beautiful blends of red, brown, gold, and gray. Like other types of stone, slate is incredibly strong but it’s best to seal the tiles once a year to keep them looking their best.

Travertine is yet another option that projects elegance with tiles in shades of silver, white, and gray. This type of material can withstand all types of weather, making it perfect for the outdoors. And it won’t get slippery when wet, so there’s no risk of accidents when it’s raining outside.

Whether using porcelain or natural stone, homeowners have plenty of options for creating their ideal outdoor area that – with the right care – will last for many seasons to come.