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The Key Principles of Interior Design

Every home must be carefully decorated in an attractive and a functional way. The design of your interior sets the mood, and it shows the personality of the people who inhabit it.

The perfect home should demonstrate the lifestyle of you and your family. Before painting and rearranging, look through magazines and websites to get some excellent ideas. You must study your house and choose, which colors will provide the perfect mood for you. First of all, every professionally designed interior is functional Boston area, so let’s start with it!


Every room in your house should work for you. Most rooms have a focal point – a fireplace, window with a view, bookcase &,etc. If your room doesn’t, then you can create one with a piece of art or a colorful accessory

You must choose an appropriate furniture for your home. It shouldn’t be either too small or too big for your needs. Visit a couple of retail stores to choose the most suitable one.

The lighting in your room relies heavily on what the room is going to be used for. For living or a dining room, you will need more light to brighten the place for social interaction with the other inhabitants


The atmosphere in your home is determined mainly by the choice of colors, style of furniture, patterns and accessories arrangement.

The easiest way to start decorating is to have an inspiration. It can be a colorful old piece of clothing or a favorite item. Select your inspiration and use it as a basis for your theme.

After choosing the theme, you will need to name it and stick with that name. Be as descriptive as possible and find supportive ideas on the web or by reading magazines.

Remember that colors should always support the theme. The primary color should always be picked from your inspiration piece. Every room should have three colors: fabric, used for walls and dominant color.

To support your time and add uniqueness to your home, you can add patterns such as florals, plaids, stripes, and checks. However, you must remember that all patterns are the same colors. Use a variety of patterns and textures due to the fact that they attract more interest.

The furniture should be carefully chosen. First of all, it should be functional. Second, it should support your theme, which means that you have to choose the same style and color.


The best way to personalize your living area is through accessories such as pictures, pillows, rugs, and vases. They should support your theme, but you can be more flexible here. Most accessories are located on furniture, floors, tabletops, and walls.