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Spot the fake – How do you determine real from fake granite countertops?

When remodeling a home, new granite countertops are on the top of the wish list for many kitchen renovations homeowners choose to complete. But, there have been several cases when homeowners didn’t research and compare granite countertops, technicians, and remodeling companies, and they have ended up being less than pleased with the final outcome. Why is this the case? For one, the contractors might have used fake countertops, while charging homeowners for “real” granite material. In other cases, poor cutting, shaping, or manufacturing may have occurred, resulting in the kitchen countertops in Oakville being uneven, or improperly installed. To avoid this, and other potential issues with your new countertops (especially with such a pricey and delicate stone), these are some ways you can spot the fake, and only deal with contractors installing real granite materials in your home.


The sound –
If contractors are passing laminate-based materials off as real, genuine granite kitchen countertops in Oakville, you will immediately hear the difference. Perform a simple test. Choose a piece of the stone, make a fist, and knock on it (as you would a door). Laminate is a thin base, with a wood grain layer. If it is not real granite, you are going to hear a hollow knock and the thin layer of air in between the layers. With genuine granite stone, you won’t hear this. Basically, it is pure stone, so there will be no hollow, light sound coming from it.

The edging –
Real granite is extremely thick. Simply looking at the exterior layer/surfaces of the stone, and you will notice rough, hardened edging. You will see the thickness on the fronts and sides of the countertops. You won’t find any flimsy, cheap, thin materials, which is the case with laminate or imitation materials. With laminate, you can typically see the seam where the wood base and other materials come together. Even those with limited knowledge and experience with costly materials will notice the difference immediately.

Pattern and colour –
Now, there are some materials that aren’t as cheap as laminate. In fact, many manufactured pieces were manufactured using bits and pieces of granite, but are not full granite. So, to distinguish the real deal granite from the “fake” or mixed blend, always look at the colour and pattern. Granite is imperfect, and this is what makes it so beautiful. The pre-fabricated pieces, which only have bits and pieces of granite, are more perfect-looking and symmetrical. If you notice imperfections, more likely than not this is real granite, which is the most durable, finest material you can install in your kitchen.

When remodeling the kitchen, if you are going to spend the money on these high-priced items, such as granite, you might as well make sure you are getting what you pay for. Do your research. Only deal with reputable technicians, contractors, and countertop manufacturers/sellers. It will pay off if you decide to shop around.