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Simple Home Improvement Projects that Pay Off Big Time

Home improvement ideas are everywhere. While not every improvement you make is one that increases the value of your home, many are going to give you the ability to list a little higher for a larger return. It’s all about the competition where you live, but there are a few upgrades and home improvements you can make to your home to almost guarantee you get a bigger return on your investment. The good news is not all upgrades and improvements are going to send you flying over your budget, so you’ll be able to tackle these home improvements quickly to list your home to sell.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter how nicely you keep up your carpet cleaning, it’s imperative you have a professional green carpet cleaning service come into your home prior to listing to make sure your carpets sparkle. You can vacuum all you want, steam them regularly, and still not realize just how good they can look until you’re able to see them following a professional cleaning.

Curb Appeal

There are several things you can add to your to-do list this weekend to update the exterior of your home. What people see when they drive up makes or breaks their positive opinion of your home, and it matters more than most anything else.

The first thing to do this weekend is mow the lawn. A freshly mowed lawn always looks nicer than one with a lot of tall grass and weeds. It’s clean, and it makes your lawn appear much brighter and prettier. If you have planter beds, now is the time to get down and dirty removing any weeds and other growth you know makes your home look less than perfect. A pressure washer allows your driveway, walkway, and your home to sparkle once it’s used.

Finally, how about adding a coat of paint to your front door? It doesn’t take must time, but it makes more of a difference than anything else. Don’t add just any color, choose one that goes well with the other colors of your home. If you have a yellow home with green shingles and shutters, a red front door looks great. If you have a white house with black trim, how about adding a Tiffany Blue paint color, a light yellow, or a bold pink to the front? It pops and makes your home look spectacular.

Add Backsplash

Backsplash is nothing if not a miracle worker. You can add serious style to your home in a day or less with some gorgeous backsplash in the kitchen and baths. Light and bright is always a good choice, and right now you cannot go wrong with white subway tiles, or something in a simple herringbone pattern. It’s elegant, luxe, and it makes a bold splash.


Nothing changes the look of any room more so than a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors with a semi-gloss finish is the perfect addition to any room. Buyers want to see a house in which they can envision their family living, and it’s easier to do that when you walk into a blank canvas. Let the paint do the talking, and let the buyers do the offering.

Each one of these home improvements is easy, cost-effective, and makes a substantial difference in how you handle your home sale. These are always good changes buyers appreciate in every market, every location, and in any home they come across. It’s only a bonus you can do most of the work yourself saving the time and expense of hiring a contractor.