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Should Storage Be an Option When on the Go?

With a dreaded home move coming up, are you ready?

With that in mind, where exactly will you go with all your stuff?

It doesn’t take much time to collect items over the years. As such, items get sold, given to a local charity, even dumped in the old trash can.

That being the case, would public storage be a good option for you when moving to a new house?

Turn to public storage in Portland or another venue close to where you will be residing. Doing so lessens the burden of trying to find room in your new house for everything. The time you need public storage could be minimal. Storing some items allows you a chance to get set up in your new home or apartment, not feeling all stressed out.

So, should you take some time now to research your public storage options, seeing what works best for you?

What Should a Storage Facility Offer?

If you do go ahead and research some storage facilities, here are a few factors to look at:


You want an organized public storage facility and offering different size options.

Does the venue have a variety of units available? This will allow you to determine how much you will store and how much you want to spend per month?

You also want a venue that in a nice part of the town (see more below) you will be living in or residing nearby. You want a storage facility that is easy to get to. This is important whenever you want to go store an item or items/pick up something that you stored for a period of time. Having to drive many miles and/or fight traffic would not be ideal.


As part of that venue search, make sure you end up with a storage facility that is safe and sound.

Many storage facility owners do their best to prevent crimes. It should not come as a big surprise that such facilities are targets by criminals.

Having a facility to rent from that emphasizes security should always be a top priority on your list.

That said you also want to feel safe there whenever you stop by to enter your unit.

Look for video cameras both on the outside grounds and in the hallways etc. that lead to the various units.


Would you want to store your possessions in a facility where dirt, bugs, even mold were prevalent?
Give any facility you consider going with a thorough review.

To lessen the chances of mold, the facility should have temperature controls in place. Those controls will keep the inside units from getting too hot or damp.

Also look for a storage center where dirt and bugs are hard to find with the naked eyes.

Go online and see some customer reviews from current or former renters. While some may give biased reviews, many others provide honest opinions.

Make Your New House More Than Livable

In moving into a new home or apartment, it takes time to get settled and adjusted.

Have a storage facility option in your back pocket. Doing so, you can put some stuff in storage for a period of time, allowing you to get situated in your new residence.

If a storage facility might be in your future, get looking today to see which one best suits your moving needs.

In the event you have rented before, what have your experiences been like?