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How to Ensure That You’re Prepared for the Cold


Every year, millions of homeowners prepare their home for cold weather. The problem is, they only prepare the exterior. People clear out debris from the rain gutters to make certain they drain, climb up on the roof to inspect it, and make sure they have plenty of salt in the garage for the walkways. What about your home’s interior? What will you do if you flip the thermostat to heat and nothing happens?


Preventative Maintenance Avoids Expensive Repairs


You’ll call for emergency repair service, that’s what you’ll do, but this will cost you more than prepping the inside for the winter as well. If there is one thing that needs semi-annual checking it’s your HVAC unit. You need to have checked before the summer to make certain it’s ready to handle the heat, and you should have it maintained in the fall so it will keep your family warm.


How This Helps


How this will help is several-fold. First of all, in order to be prepared this winter for whatever Mother Nature throws your way, you need the expertise of a professional. This person can inspect your furnace unit, your air ducts, your internal and external vents, and your air filters. This ensures that everything is in working order, because if something isn’t, you’ll find out in the most unpleasant way when your heater refuses to turn on or breaks down during operation.


Your Air System


The technician will inspect your air system first to make certain it is clean and free from harmful mold and mildew growth. The service will include cleaning your air ducts of dust, dirt, pollens, and fungi; cleaning the vents that allow the air into your home and the carbon monoxide out of your home, and replacing your air filters. A spotless air system keeps your family safe from irritants that can cause illness and also helps your HVAC unit to run efficiently to save you money.


Your Pilot and Burners


If you extinguish your pilot light each spring, the technician will light it for you and ensure that it is operating properly. He or she will also turn on your furnace and inspect your burners. Dirty or malfunctioning burners are dangerous and require service. The technician will replace any broken burners and clean all of them to make certain your unit is being fueled by a bright blue flame. Once these are in top working condition, the technician will inspect your blower.


Your Blower and Motor


Your blower is what pushes the warm air from the motor through the air ducts and vents into your home. Your blower must be oiled annually to ensure optimal operation. This is a labor-intensive process, and part of your annual heater maintenance will be to oil the blower and make certain the motor is working properly. Once the technician knows everything is in good shape, he or she will give your HVAC unit a winter go ahead.


Be prepared for winter with the help of an HVAC expert who is ready to make sure your unit is in its best working order. You’ll be happier and healthier you did and your utility bills will be more manageable.