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How Embibe Uses Data Analytics To Increase Your Score On Engineering Entrance

Cracking engineering entrance examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and BITSAT is all about speed and accuracy. Having in-depth knowledge about every topic and concept of the syllabus alone cannot help you crack these competitive examinations. Cracking these examinations and getting into your dream college needs you to be able to manage your time efficiently and develop a strategy that maximizes your score. It needs you to be proficient not just academically but also behaviorally.

Embibe uses data analytics for the overall development of a student which ultimately results in an increase in score and a guaranteed seat in your dream college. Embibe tracks every movement of the student on the website and gathers data about the student’s academic, behavioral, and test-taking quotients. Then these data are used to improve the performance of the student.

After every test on Embibe, it generates a detailed report/feedback on where the student stands based on the student’s test-taking process. It also gives suggestions on how to improve them. Embibe looks after the student’s attempt strategy and pinpoints his key weaknesses – areas where he is lagging behind.

It also generates a report on how effective the student’s attempts were. How much time did the student spend on each subject? How much time did he spend on each question? Was the time effectively spent? If not, why did it happen? Was it because the student was weak in those particular topics and concepts? Was he overconfident? Or was it panic that got the student answer a question incorrectly? It generates the report in the form of how many attempts were perfect, wasted, overtime or not attempted at all.

Based on the findings, Embibe provides suggestions on how to rectify the mistakes. It also keeps track of if the student is following the suggestions, and presents it in the form of Effort Rating, which motivates the student.

Embibe also provides the option to compare with other rankers, which helps in improving the score.

The detailed analysis and feedback provided by Embibe gives students insight into their test-taking process as well as their academic performance, which the students can work upon and improve. Embibe guarantees score improvement by 15-20% only after two tests.

Apart from all these, Embibe also provides options for learning various concepts and topics, chapter-wise practice sets, mock test series – all for free. Students can also ask their doubts on Embibe.

With all these features, especially, the use of data analytics to analyze a student’s performance and giving feedback and suggestions to improve, Embibe ensures increased score in engineering entrance examinations.