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How to Earn Your Real Estate Credentials

There are a variety of careers out that that let you step away from the traditional nine-to-five grind. One of those careers fields is real estate. With the proper licensing, you can be selling property to your clients in no time. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to earn your real estate license to start selling in your state.

Taking Licensing Courses

Before you are able to sit for the test that provides you with your license to sell real estate, you must take courses that teach you all the topics you need to know about this particular field of work. These courses will provide you with information on a wide variety of topics, from best practices to state and national regulations that govern real estate sales. These courses are important to complete in order to be ready to take your state’s licensing exam. Additionally, you can take a test prep course on top of these other courses to make sure you are completely prepared to take the test.

Remember that different states have different licensure levels, including agent, salesperson and broker. Some additional training and classroom work may be needed for the different types of licenses your state offers in real estate.

Take The Exam

After you have completed your real estate courses, it is time to take the exam. Your real estate exam will consist of two parts: the state exam and the national exam. Some states allow you to take these tests at the same time, while other states provide different test dates for each test section.

It is important to follow the instructions for registering and completing the test in your state. Some states require you to apply to take the test. Many states will also ask you to sign an exam eligibility affidavit before you can sit for the test. Follow all of the instructions provided, pass the test and you will be able to get your license to work in the real estate industry.

What Comes After Licensing

Even after you have earned your license, you cannot work in real estate without some additional steps. First, you will need a sponsoring broker to work with for the first two years. This is required by most states and is beneficial to new agents. The amount of training and mentoring you will receive will help position you for success once you are able to be an independent agent, if you choose to do so.

You will also need to pass a state background check and buy Errors and Omissions insurance to protect yourself against potential lawsuits. The background checks are required before the state will issue your license. Some states also require proof of the purchase of this insurance before you can start practicing real estate.

Once these steps are completed and submitted to the state agency in charge of licensing, you will be able to practice real estate and star working with your new clients.