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Don’t let a flood or water damage ruin your home’s foundation in Vancouver

In a matter of minutes, high water levels and flood damage in Vancouver can wreak havoc in your home. If not dealt with immediately, flood damage in Vancouver can lead to a great deal of damage, from wood being destroyed or warped, to causing mould damage, to possibly damaging the home’s foundation, water levels rising too quickly can lead to extreme expenses for homeowners. This is why at the very first sign of damage, calling a company that performs flood restoration in Vancouver will allow the right professionals to stop the spread of damage, and help reduce the amount of water the home will have to deal with.

flooded house

flooded house

Why you can’t wait to call a service technician –
Sure, the basement might have a little puddle one evening, but the next day you might wake up to find the entire basement is flooded with several inches of water. This is how quickly water damage can ensue. If the water heater is leaking, pipes burst, or if major storm waters enter the home, at the very first sign of potential damage, contacting professionals to perform flood restoration in Vancouver is the only way to prevent major damage. You don’t want to have to deal with rotting wood, warping, or foundation issues moving forward. When you spot even the slightest leak, or puddle developing, calling a team of experts that can respond at any time, and arrive at your home within a 30-minute window, will allow the technicians to stop the damage, and reduce potential damage which might otherwise have ensued.

What to look for when hiring a company for restoration and damage services –
When it comes to leaks, burst pipes, or rain/sewage water damage, there are no two homes that are going to have the same levels of damage, or water rising. When choosing a company for services, customers should look for those that:
– Are fully licensed, certified, bonded, and insured.
– Can respond within 30 minutes, and can make emergency service calls (weekends, holidays, overnight, etc).
– Have proper equipment (vacuums, fans etc) to shop-vac the water, and prevent further flooding.
– Fix burst pipes, restore a water heater, or eliminate the influx of water from drains or sewage systems.
Companies should have dedicated technicians who can move quickly, will work efficiently, and who know how to work with any level of water damage, to prevent major destruction from occurring. When it comes to water damage and restorative work, the quicker the work is completed, and the earlier homeowners make the call, the easier it is to prevent major damage, and the need for excessive restoration services.

Regardless of how trivial that little puddle might seem, making a call for emergency services when you notice a puddle in the basement, or other areas of the home, is something a homeowner should always do. When the time comes to make that service call, these are some things for you to consider before hiring a company. This is important, not only so you hire those who respond immediately, but also those who are going to prevent and limit damage after an emergency has occurred.