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Better Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Much more of a challenge to keep clean than hardwood flooring, carpet requires a commitment to keep it looking brand new. Those high traffic areas can be particularly difficult to maintain and spending even one hour a week to proper cleaning procedures can make all the difference. It’s also important that you tend to spilled wine or dropped ice cream in a timely manner, otherwise that area could become stained. Trust me, you’ll notice those spots whether it’s a bright or a dark color carpet. Better carpet cleaning means more attention and dedicated maintenance procedures on a routine basis. If your home has carpet and a lot of family members who are capable of making a mess at a moment’s notice, you’ll want to take a look at our cleaning and maintenance tips for a better, cleaner carpet.

Schedule Your Cleanings

Remember when you were a kid and you had chores that had to be done every week? With carpet in your home, those days are back again. You must perform a weekly cleaning of some kind on your carpeting to make sure it looks and smells great. Vacuuming is a must. Even if that’s all you do from one week to the next. That will get most of the surface dirt, hair, and grit out of the fibers to prevent them from getting trampled into the weave. Shampooing the carpet once a month will help get it even cleaner, eliminating any surface stains and killing the bacteria can build up underneath the pile. Once or twice a year, you should have a professional cleaner like Rainier Chem-Dry give it a complete cleaning to eliminate what your vacuum or rented steam cleaner couldn’t reach.

Address the Mess

Accidents happen. It’s a fact of life. But it’s easy to forgive and forget when you address that mess promptly. So whether it’s grape juice or cat pee, the key is to attend to the spill fast. That means blotting at the spill when it’s still fresh. Never, ever wipe up a stain. Why? Because wiping applies pressure that could just end up driving the stain deeper into the fibers and helping it set quicker. It can also spread the mess around. Instead, gently blot at the spill to absorb as much moisture as possible. Once you’ve dried the area as best you can, clean it up with a store-bought cleaner or create your own solution using club soda and vinegar. Dab the spot gently but thoroughly until the stain has lifted completely. After you’re satisfied, vacuum the spot to finish the job.

Diligent Maintenance

Even after you adopt a routine schedule for cleaning your carpet, you’re still going to want to keep the carpet free from dirt and excess contaminants. One way to reduce the amount of grime that walks across your carpet is to take off your shoes before you step into your home. Shoes are a major reason why carpets get stained and eliminating their impact by removing them from the fibers will go a long way in maintaining the beauty of your carpeting throughout the home.