Bathrooms are generally dull and unfashionable, but they don’t have to be. The bathroom is used often and it should reflect a bit of your personality. A few bathroom design trends can go a long way in improving the room’s personal aesthetics and functionality. Keep in mind that whatever fashionable bathroom remodel options you choose will need to remain easy to clean and actually useful. So what changes can you make to reflect who you are in such a private space?

Use Modern Tile Trends

In a modern bathroom, the tiles are inlaid to look sleek and unified. Grout lines are nearly nonexistent on floors and walls, where extra-large tiles or quartz panels can eliminate excess space. You can also invest in the same color of high-gloss large ceramic tile, but in two different textures to create a chic look.

If ceramic tile isn’t to your liking, then artfully placed terracotta and zellige tiles can offer a rich,modern feel. For budget-conscious remodels, you can try half-height tile in a smaller bathroom or use the tile to create a small accent behind the sink.

Showers with French Doors

Shower curtains are way out of style. Any modern, chic bathroom deserves a pleasant showering experience. French doors offer just that. They are sleek, inviting and serve that same purpose as the shower curtain. Water stays where it belongs, but the French door transforms the whole room’s aesthetic and experience.

Round Vanity Mirrors

Round vanity mirrors are making waves in the bathroom remodeling world. They’re fairly cheap and offer a subtle and trendy makeover. The round shape pairs exquisitely with a rectangular sink. Plus, using a vintage mirror gives your modern bathroom a timeless feel. The effects are noticeable but not overwhelming. If you’re looking for extra storage space and want the mirror to pop a little bit more, then consider installing white bathroom vanities to go alongside the mirror. The doubled effect is beautiful and practical.

Bathroom and Shower Plants

Plants are great fits anywhere in the house, and especially in the bathroom. Hanging and potted plants offer a vibrant splash of color to the bathroom, and they also help clean the air by absorbing C02 and humidity. Plants are also known to help people relax, so if you’re turning your remodeled bathroom into a personal sanctuary then finding a fun, bathroom-appropriate plant is a great choice.  Not only do hanging plants add some serious color to neutral bathrooms, but if you buy the right kind, they’ll purify your air, too. Plants are proven to help you relax, too. So if you treat your bathroom like a sanctuary, this is a must-have.