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Basement water proofing- causes and signs

Basement Water proofing system is very important to prevent water from entering in the basement of the building and houses. If once water get success in entering the basement it can damage the whole structure of the building. This is very important especially for those houses where water is above the ground or it can penetrate the soil. Water in the soil can cause hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can make water pass through the cracks of the walls and floor and that can cause mold and rot in the walls. The water proofing system of basement requires many different types of material and applications. There are also different types of methods which are being used for the water proofing of the basement.


There are many reasons which can cause water leakage in the basements. With the time, the walls of the building start getting cracks in different places, especially walls made by concrete. If the materials which have been used for the construction is of good quality then it will take time but if not the cracks will start appearing very soon and Water start passing through the walls because of those cracks. It is also important to place the footing of the walls as deep in the ground as possible because when the soil wear off, it can cause movement in the footing of the basement. The narrow footing can also cause same problem. Blockage in the gutter systems can also cause over flow in the water and the water start entering the basement rather than going outside of the house.

Heavy rain and snow can cause water to collect in window seals and that can also cause water leakage in the basement. To prevent it people are using Window well covers. When the footing drain system fails, it water present in the footing can cause its fall and the collected water can enter the basement.


Many people does not find out about leakage in the basement until its gets out of control and damage has already done because not many people visit their basements to regularly and they do not know the signs of leakage in the basement. The problem does not occur at once. It starts with a little dampness in the walls and floors which turns into leakage and things get worse with time.

The cracks in the walls are very common sign of problem in the water proofing system. Do not ignore cracks even if they are not big. Small cracks can lead to bigger structural disaster if not get sealed on time. The walls will start curving. This problem occurs in buildings which are very, very old. Water leakage can cause peeled paint of the wall. Wall will start having mold and rot and a white powdery substance will start appearing on walls.

There are many companies which are working to repair the leakage in the houses. These companies do not only repair leakages of the basement, they can also help with other parts of the house too such as kitchens and bathrooms. Repairing leakage is not an easy task and it should better be left in the hands of skilled and experienced people. The best example of that isbasementwaterproofingli.com. To learn more about basement proofing and such other problems and their solutions, you can visit the website.