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3 Reasons to Get on the Home Automation Bandwagon

Recent estimates suggest that the global home automation market will be worth some $78 billion by 2022. Market growth is expected to be nearly 12.5% over the next five years as well. Those are impressive numbers for an industry that was largely considered to be in its infancy at the start of the current decade. So, what are your thoughts on home automation? Have you jumped onto the bandwagon yet?


Home automation in 2017 is easily accessible to property owners regardless of where they live or how much money they make. Obviously, wealthier individuals can afford more. Elxai.com a Florida-based company offering high-end home automation systems for upscale properties, is enjoying a surge in business thanks to homeowners who are looking to have the latest and greatest technologies in their new builds.

Whether you live in Florida or elsewhere, Elxai says now is a great time to get on the home automation bandwagon if you haven’t already done so. Below are three reasons for doing so.

1. Home Automation Equals Increased Security

We used to think of home automation and home security as separate entities. This is no longer the case. As Elxai explains, home security now involves a full range of home automation devices that give homeowners more options than they have ever had before. Take security cameras as just one example.

Home automation makes it possible to monitor video feeds regardless of geographic location. One of Elxai’s Florida property owners can monitor the front door from work to make sure the kids get home from school on time. Likewise, every video feed in the home can be checked daily while the family is on vacation in Europe. In short, home automation equals increased security.

2. Home Automation Improves Efficiency

Imagine being able to set lighting scenes in your home and then activate those scenes with a simple voice command. You would only have to speak to turn lights on or off anywhere in your home. A home automation system instantly makes your home more efficient by giving you greater control over everything from lighting to thermostats to window shades. You can take maximum advantage of all the devices in your home to save energy on lighting, heating and cooling.

3. Home Automation Increases Enjoyment

Home automation has advanced to the point where Elxai can now integrate home theater and music systems along with lighting, thermostats, etc. So one of their customers can create a scene that incorporates audio and video. For example, let’s say a property owner plans to sit down with the family to watch a favorite film in their home theater. A simple voice command sets the lighting in the theater, dims the lighting throughout the rest of the home, fires up the television and the DVR, and prepares the audio system. The film can begin as soon as the family assembles.

An integrated home automation system increases the enjoyment of your home by allowing you to do a number of things via simple voice commands. Rather than walking throughout the house to turn off all lights, simply speak. Rather than turning on your audio system and bringing up that playlist you assembled, just tell your system what you want to hear.

Artificially intelligent home control is already here. It’s being installed in high-end homes in Florida, and you can have it installed in your own home as well. Now is the time to get on the home automation bandwagon if you haven’t already done so. Home automation will make your home safer, more efficient, and certainly more enjoyable.


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