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3 Factors to Consider When Buying Patio Doors

When it comes to home improvements, buying a patio door is one of the soundest investments a homeowner can make. Installing a patio door can open up your home, creating a beautiful outdoor environment that enhances your home’s look, value, and style. It can create an atmosphere of elegance, roominess, and timeless style all at once. However, when searching for the perfect patio door for your home, whether in person or on a website, there are a few crucial factors to be aware of. Read on to learn about the most important factors to consider when seeking the best patio door for your home.

1. Style

The style of a patio door can cover everything from the way it looks to the way it opens to its core functionality. You’ll want to take all of these factors into account when looking at your options. Whether you have your heart set on sliding glass doors, a folding wooden door, or a classic, fixed-hinge swinging door, you’ll need to be absolutely certain before you commit to anything. Folding doors are elegant, swift, and virtually noiseless, allowing patio doors to open out onto the backyard or garden.

However, they’re often more difficult to repair and harder to clean. When it comes to sliding doors, you’ll have a lot of great design options and a beautiful overlook of the outdoors. You may, however, have a harder time moving in furniture. With swinging doors, you get a classic look with not a lot of maintenance required. The design options with a swinging patio door, however, are more limited. Weigh each option carefully before making your final choice, and make sure you pick the style that’s right for you.

2. Material

When picking the material for your patio doors, take a minute to consider the effect your chosen material will have on the rest of the space. Fiberglass has the look of authentic wood and is great for temperature-controlled environments. Wood is beautiful, scenic, and elegant. Vinyl is strong, consistent, and durable even in the worst weather. Steel is stylish and modern and also requires little maintenance. If you’re concerned with the look of your doors, going with a more classic look like wood or steel might be your best bet. However, if you’re more interested in investing in doors that can withstand the elements, choosing vinyl, aluminum, or clad-wood will give you durable doors that don’t quit in any kind of weather.

3. Efficiency

As with any home improvement project, keeping a home addition’s energy efficiency in mind is extremely important. When looking at each patio door option, be sure keep in mind a few key factors. First, seek out frames with a low U-factor. This will give you the best possible insulation as well as a structure that will last for years. Also be sure to find low-E glass for protection against UV rays that cause discoloration or overheating. Making sure to get the most energy-efficient materials will make sure your patio doors not only look beautiful but serve to protect the interior of your home from the damaging effects of weather.