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When and Why Should You Consult a Dietitian?

‘I am not planning to diet. Why should I see a dietitian?’ This is one such thought that races in the mind of many people. It is quite essential to understand that a dietitian should not merely be consulted when:


  • You are planning to diet
  • You wish to lose some weight
  • Your doctor has asked you to refer to a dietitian for a customized diet plan

First of all, to clear the air, it is quite important to know who exactly a dietitian is?

A dietitian is an expert in food as well as nutrition. In broad terms, he translates scientific information about food nutrition into practical advice. His advice helps you make the right decision about what to eat, how to plan your meal, what all things to include in meals, etc.

What exactly a Dietitian Does?

For those who think, a dietitian is someone who just makes a customized diet plan it would be surprising to know that he undertakes many more services. Some of these services are:

  • Diet Prescription: Like doctors help their patients by prescribing them medicine and offering medical advice, similarly dietitians provide food prescription to their clients. It consists of what all food items to eat, their quantity, timing between every meal, etc.
  • Educate Clients: A dietitian apart from prescribing food items educates his clients about the edibles that are beneficial for them today and even in future.
  • Help with Food Shopping: Most of the times an individual who goes shopping for edibles does not bother about calories, nutrients they contain, etc. But when he consults a dietitian, he needs to flip the packet of the food product and see its nutrition However, if he is clueless on how to do it correctly or what all things he needs to see, a dietitian helps him in the same by accompanying him during the shopping.
  • Impart Recipes: You must have seen cookery shows wherein the host explains and shows the process of making of lip-smacking dishes. Though a dietitian does not make dishes for you or give a live demonstration, he offers you numerous nutritious yet delicious recipes that are indispensable for a healthy you.
  • Diabetes Management: Now this is one such service provided by dietitians that may sound out of context, but this is indeed true. There are plenty of dietitians who offer tips and prescription for diabetes management. With a customized yet perfect meal plan, dietitians help their clients to keep their diabetes under control.
  • Consultation on Exercise: Those who wish to undertake daily exercise but are clueless on how to start the same, dietitians are here for their help. They aid in making a full exercise plan for them, ask them to involve in physical activities such as jogging, swimming, gym, etc.
  • Weight Management: This is the thing that all believe is the only purpose of a dietitian. However, this is one of the services offered by a dietitian. Customized diet plan, guidance on how to chop large meals into smaller ones, food prescription, etc. are some of the focus areas of a dietitian for an individual who wants to manage his weight and keep obesity at bay.

Who Goes To a Dietitian?


Different people of different age, gender, profession, and nationalities go to see dietitians. Some of the reasons why they choose to consult a dietitian are:

  • Energy: There are those who despite eating healthy do not get the required energy to carry out their tasks. This cluster refers to a dietitian to find out the reason behind the same and find a solution.
  • To keep Illnesses at Bay or Get Cured: Many doctors recommend their patients to consult a dietitian for they believe a proper diet is what is lacking to get rid of the illness. Hence, these people too visit dietitians.
  • Pregnant Women: Again, doctors recommend pregnant women to consult a dietitian. A perfect meal at the right time during pregnancy ensures a healthy baby.
  • Obese People: People who look forward to losing weight depend on a dietitian. Customized diet plans, exercise plans and the Dos and Don’ts of eating by the dietitian help them to a great extent to lose extra pounds.
  • Keep Allergies Away: Most of individuals are prone to food allergies, and they can’t figure out which food is causing that particular allergy or intolerance. Thus, they seek help from a dietitian to get rid of their problem.
  • To get rid of their Habit to eat Junk Food: Excessive consumption of junk food leads to a number of diseases and health disorders. Those who consume it on a daily basis and need to shift their diet to healthy food items depend on a dietitian for the solution.
  • For a Healthy Lifestyle: Why consult a dietitian only when you fall sick or face obesity? Take tips and guidance from a dietitian to lead a healthy and disease-free

What Dietitians Cannot Do?


Though there are plenty of services that dietitians offer, one needs to understand that there are certain services that they do not provide. Some of them are:

  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Prescribing Drugs like a Doctor
  • Blood Test
  • Surgery
  • Medical Tests like ECG, X-Rays, etc.

Hence, it is better to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of different doctors before consulting anyone of them.

Dietitians: A Synonym of Good Health and a Healthy Lifestyle

Dietitians know the ins and outs of edibles and their nutrient content. Do consult one of them if you come across any of the health issues mentioned previously or other circumstances. Even if you don’t, do have a word with a professional dietitian to lead a healthy and disease-free life. After all, you are what you eat.