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Make the Island of Nevis Your Vacation Destination

Nothing says vacation like warm waters and brightly shining sandy beaches. A day along an island beach is the ideal vacation for many travelers. One of the world’s most popular destinations is that of the Caribbean. This sea is where the Atlantic Ocean gives way to light blue waters and islands that have become the stuff of legend. For the lucky Caribbean traveler, many possibilities are here as they think about which particular spot might be right for them. The vacationer who wants something that is extraordinary should think about a vacation to the small island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. While St. Kitts is the better known of the two, Nevis has charms that make it truly special.

A Center Volcano

Many islands in the Caribbean are placid places with no much more than a few sandy beaches and perhaps a more lush interior. Nevis is home to Nevis Peak. Rising more than three thousand feet, the volcano forms the highest point of the island. Climbers to this dormant volcano will find challenging routes that reward them with vistas across the entire island. Nature lovers can head here for the opportunity to see many rare species including the brindled quail-dove and the colorful red-necked pigeon. Vervet monkeys love to play along the way up while travelers can take note of multiple kinds of ferns and some of the world’s loveliest species of orchids.

Relaxing Springs

Renting villas in Nevis also means access to some very special island features. Freshwater springs lie along the coastal plain, making it easy for the traveler to spend time in the soothing waters. For something warmer, try the hot springs that are warmed by the volcano. The springs make a fun alternative to the area’s beaches or a place to cool off after a hike.

Black Sand Beaches

To the west and the north is where travelers can find the quintessential Caribbean beach experience. Nevis Peak is not erupting but it does occasionally spew ash. The result are black sand beaches of startling beauty and elegance. The volcanic rocks also help to complete the picture of loveliness. Many beaches are easily accessible to the public. The makes it easy to head for a beach and take a fast dip or spread out your blanket and just lie back with a novel in one hand and a chilled glass of wine in the other.

Historical Importance

For many Americans, the island of Nevis has entered the public imagination because of one person. Alexander Hamilton, one of the most famous of the Founding Fathers, was born right here. The Nevis Hamilton knew in his youth has been transformed into a more modern island place but the wild spaces that he saw are still there. Americans can head out to this island and learn about their own history as it was during the British colonial period. They can also enjoy a contemporary island still full of places that call to the traveler to see firsthand.