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Fencing materials in Burlington – The different types, and their purposes

Sure, new wood fences around your yard might look inviting and quaint, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best option for security and safety. Whether installing new wood fences around the perimeter of a home, wrought iron fences in Burlington for a commercial property, or barbed-wire fences for a high level of security, there are several materials fencing contractors can use. But, before choosing which material to install, consider some of these material options and the best use for each.


Wood fencing –
It is the most popular material in many areas. It not only provides homeowners privacy, but also the ability to custom design various heights, finishes, and wood grain options. They aren’t too costly and theygive that warm and welcoming feeling to visitors. Most wood fencing is also going to come with a lifetime warranty (as is true with wood floors). But, unlike other materials, the major drawback is the lack of security, which other materials (such as barbed-wire, iron or aluminum) can offer.

Iron –
If you’ve ever seen a home with fencing that has a funky design on the top, it is probably a home where the homeowner chose to install wrought iron fences in Burlington. This material is strong, durable, and beautiful. However, plenty of upkeep is necessary. These fences require sanding and repainting every few years to keep up their brilliance. For conservative homeowners, this isn’t the first option. But, for those who want security and don’t mind spending the money for that security, this is a great material option to consider.

Chain link –
Although they don’t offer the highest level of privacy, this type of fence does have its perks. The material is cheap, they are durable, and upkeep is almost non-existent. Shrubbery, vines, or floral arrangements can further be added to enhance the appearance and privacy levels desired around the home.

Barbed-wire –
Although it’s not the first option for most homes, it is a fencing material that is going to offer the ideal level of security and effectively keep intruders away. Another interesting type of fence is known as an invisible fence. Invisible fences are typically used in homes where owners have dogs. The electric shock keeps them within the yard’s perimeter. Using a wireless transmitter, the fence will send out a shock when the exterior perimeter is touched, teaching the animal to stay within a certain boundary.

Other popular kinds of fencing do exist. From PVC fences to bamboo fences, homeowners have several options they might want to consider when erecting a new fence outside their home. Although every homeowner is going to want something slightly different, these are a few popular options from which owners can choose when hiring fencing contractors to build and install their new fence. Price, upkeep, maintenance, and security, are a few relevant factors to consider. Not only will considering these factors allow owners to make an informed decision, but it will also allow them to choose a material that is going to give them privacy, as well as the desired appearance.