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Top 5 Gardening Tips

Gardens are great places to relax or play, and many people don’t take full advantage of their outdoor space. If you have a garden that is looking neglected, then it’s worth picking up a few gardening skills, but many people don’t know where to start. These top five gardening tips allow even amateur gardeners to get their gardens to bloom, and make them a more pleasant place to be.

  1. Draw up a plan

Clearing your garden allows you to see how much space you have, and means you can start to plan the space. If you’ve ever thought about having your garden landscaped, but didn’t have the budget, then drawing up a plan lets you achieve the landscaped look. Remember to factor in irrigation and drainage when planning where to put plants.

  1. Make mulch

Set up a compost bin in your garden. Not only does this give you somewhere to put vegetable peelings, it also means you can create nutrient rich mulch to help your soil. If you have clay-like soil in your garden, this is an excellent way to help things grow. When combined with reticulation to improve the soil’s condition, your garden will soon be a great environment for plants.

  1. Set up sprinklers

Those who aren’t expert gardeners may find they forget to water plants, and it can be inconvenient to arrange for someone to come round when you are away. Having sprinklers installed by TLC Services Perth ensures that your plants are watered at set times, and without wasting water. Setting up proper drainage will also help you avoid disappointments from plants being overwatered.

  1. Keep your garden in bloom all year round

Pay attention to when your plants will bloom, and make sure there are some that will stay green in the colder months. Evergreen bushes will add a lush, green touch to your garden, even when the weather is freezing. Don’t just plant things that’ll grow in spring, make sure that some flowers will pop up in the late summer months, otherwise your garden will look a little bare.

  1. Be patient

Nobody achieves the look they want straight away. Gardens can take a long time to establish, sometimes several seasons, and something you plant in autumn may not pop until spring. However, many gardeners like watching their garden slowly grow over time, and it can be exciting to try different plants each year to see the results.

Gardening is a fun hobby, and good exercise, but many people don’t know where to start. The best idea is to start small. Simply clear out your garden and reclaim some of the space. You can then add soft or hard landscaping features, and extras such as sprinklers to make your gardening easier. Gardening takes patience, but by following a few tips you have a better chance of success, and should be able to enjoy your garden once it gets sunny. You can then simply sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.