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Tips to Guard Against Sun Damage to Furniture

Everyone needs to protect themselves against the sun and not just on trips to the beach, but from every day exposure. In addition to our skin, we must also protect our home and the valuables we have that might see constant exposure to the sun. Wicker Paradise reminds us that patio furniture is almost always in danger of sun damage, so here are some tips to guard against it.

Store Furniture

If you don’t plan to use you furniture often during the summer months, store it somewhere where the sun won’t bleach it. Many home owners utilize some kind of backyard storage shed, but placing your sunroom furniture beneath an overhang will do as well.

Ample Shade

Even indoor wicker furniture can become sun damaged if left near a window, so be sure you have some shady places where you can stash your furniture throughout the day. The summer sun also heats up fabrics, making seating unpleasant to the touch when you first try and sit down. Positioning furniture beneath a shady spot will help keep things comfortable, and avoid sun damage.

Movement Helps

Another important tip is to move your furniture frequently. Your furniture has the highest odds of sun damage when it’s exposed to the sun constantly. Moving pieces breaks that cycle, even if only for a moment, so re-arranging furniture helps to reduce sun damage and may add some life to your pieces.

Replacement Cushions

Lane Venture sells replacement cushions for its furniture, and creative folks can use outdoor fabrics of their own making to stitch together new cushions and covers.