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Sunroom Design Trends for 2017

One of the first things that you’ll notice about sunroom design trends for 2017 is the abundance of color, says Wicker Paradise. From pastels to darker colors, you’ll find color on just about everything. There will be significant color designs on the accessories that you include, such as Treasure Garden Umbrellas. Cushions will also see a few more colors and even some bold patterns that you might not have noticed in the past. A white base with blues and yellows will be prominent. Maintain a nice flow with any theme that you choose so that everything blends together.

Another trend that you’ll see is that classic designs will meet those that are contemporary. Lane Venture furniture in the way of couches and chairs in a modern design meets the subtle furnishings of a coffee table or an end table with a simple lamp. Blend a few secondhand pieces that you add your own touch to with a few new items to give a charming look to the sunroom that is comfortable to enjoy while reading, enjoying a cup of coffee or looking out the window.

After you have the basic design in place, finish the sunroom with details that include a rug on the floor, cushions on wicker furniture that can be washed or a few throws over the backs of the couch and chair. A few simple items will add character and make it easy to change the design when you want.