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9 Things Every Woman Should Have In The Bathroom

Whether you just want to pamper yourself or maintain a beauty or health routine, every woman needs a set of bathroom essentials. After a long and tiring day, the aromatic smell coming from tons of cleansing products greatly helps in calming your mind while maintaining a healthy face and skin.

Apart from the most obvious things like a towel, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, here’s a rundown of must-have bathroom things which you will have to purchase.

Nail Clipper

Tidy up your nails through nail clipper in just a few seconds. It’s your best friend especially if you have not enough time to get a manicure. Other than that, a nail clipper can also help you remove dangling, loose threads from your outfit.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a multipurpose product you can grab in your bathroom in case you’re in a hurry. It can serve as a burn treatment, moisturizer, or lip balm.


Mouthwash is a life savior when you have unexpected visitors. Don’t be mistaken, though. We are not recommending that you go out on a sudden meeting without brushing your teeth. Use the mouthwash when you need a quick swish during a rush.

Baby powder

Even though you don’t have kids at home, a baby powder can still be highly useful. Aside from helping heal sunburns and rashes, it can also make your malodorous shoes smell better. Another thing it can do is to make your eyelashes appear longer. There’s a lot more tricks you can do with baby powder. You just have to explore it.

Shower gel

Treat your skin with discreet and pleasant scents coming from a shower gel. You can use this as a bubble bath, hand wash, and even as a stain remover.

Menstrual Cup

It has been documented that pads and tampons can cause health hazards. Now, is the perfect time to try menstrual cups. They are available in different sizes. Typically, one is designed for pre-birth, and another is tailored for post-birth.

Baby wipes

Make sure you always have a stack of baby wipes inside your bathroom showroom in Perth. Although they are originally formulated for the sensitive skin of kids and babies, they can also  help you eliminate excess face  makeup and clean up spills.

Baking soda

Wondering why a baking soda is included in the list? Well, this item can help you in several ways, from occasional teeth polishing to soaking clothing and removing stains.

Exfoliating gloves

Do you want to achieve a soft and supple skin without spending a hefty amount of money? Exfoliating gloves are the solution you are you are looking for. They will not just help exfoliate your skin, but also keep ingrown hairs from popping. Use them every one to two weeks to get rid of dead skin cells.

As a woman, we can’t deny that we need lots of additional ‘necessities’ when it comes to our health and beauty routine. It’s only natural that you fill your bathroom cabinet with these important things.