The Scent of Sleep: Why Jasmine and Lavender are the Perfect Bedroom Houseplants

Some flowers do a lot more than just look good. While prized mostly for their natural beauty, the benefits of keeping certain plants in the bedroom are more than meets the eye. In fact, some houseplants can actually improve the way you sleep. Jasmine Decreases Anxiety It’s long been common knowledge that certain flowers, like jasmine, have relaxing properties, and now, there’s actual scientific proof. According to a psychology study at Wheeling Jesuit University aka WJU, the scent of the…

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Spring Cleaning Your bathrooms

The finish of winter season approaches and also the green tries for a takedown of springtime are coming. Your bathroom did overtime. Ensuring the kids are thoroughly clean, soaking parts of your muscles after a good work out down a fitness center or carrying out a football complement. The daily routine within your house means that the bathroom gets an easy clean each week. But once the spring comes it might be time for any deep thoroughly clean. You could…

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Guide to Selecting Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets have the most impact in a bathroom remodel. However, the number of choices is overwhelming. You have to decide on unassembled or finished cabinets, stock or custom-made, contemporary or old-fashioned, maple or cherry, and the list goes on. Following is a guide to selecting bathroom cabinets that will help you make sure you are considering all your options. Preparation Take a minute to decide how you use the room in order to plan the best configuration, style and materials…

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