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Removing Stains & Odors from your Carpets Caused by Pets

For many people that have pets, their animals are virtually an extension of the family. And for an awful lot of those with pets, nowhere in their home is off limits, including the bedroom, and carpeted areas in their homes. However, this can result in harmful effects being caused to your carpets. Furthermore, because they are accustomed to the smell of their pet, they cannot fully appreciate the level of odor their carpets may be giving off (which would be plainly obvious to any guests that enter their homes!).


And for those of us with pets, surely we have all experienced stains in our carpeted areas caused by pets, either accidentally or as a result of muddy paw prints etc. We here at Livermore Carpet Cleaning have devised some tips for you to follow, that you can use to keep your carpets looking and, importantly, smelling new. Let’s jump in:

Attend to Odors or Stains Immediately:

This can’t be stressed enough – if you discover a stain or odor caused by your pet, addressing it with immediate effect will yield the greatest success in the removal of the offending stain or smell. Urine or fecal matter, if not removed straight away, can sink deep down into the deeper fibers of your carpet. And while you may get it cleaned up, to a visually sufficient level, what’s going on deep down in the carpet may surprise you. These kinds of spills or accidents can be damaging to your carpet’s material over time, and with being buried so deep, the offending odors can arise again, especially in the warmer months.

What to do About Harder To Remove or “Invisible” Stains:

Let’s face it – sometimes, no matter how much elbow grease you use attempting to remove a stain, it can seem almost impossible to remove from your carpet. We have all experienced this at one time or another. Now, imagine if one of those stains is “invisible”. What we mean by this is a stain caused by something such as animal urine, which you may not be able to visually pick out against your carpet’s design. If this scenario arises, it can be nigh on impossible to attend to the stain rapidly, as you simply cannot locate it in time to take corrective action. When this happens, it’s time to seek out professional assistance from the experts.

Getting Professional Help:

We here at Livermore Carpet Cleaners have seen it all, every scenario you can imagine, when it comes to carpet stains and odors. We understand there can sometimes be apprehension to calling in professional help, as it can feel slightly embarrassing or an admission of defeat to yourself, that you couldn’t get the job done. Rest assured, there is no need to be embarrassed, and these types of stains require professional attention sometimes.