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Guide to Selecting Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets have the most impact in a bathroom remodel. However, the number of choices is overwhelming. You have to decide on unassembled or finished cabinets, stock or custom-made, contemporary or old-fashioned, maple or cherry, and the list goes on. Following is a guide to selecting bathroom cabinets that will help you make sure you are considering all your options.



Take a minute to decide how you use the room in order to plan the best configuration, style and materials for your new cabinetry. For example, if you like long soaks in the tub, you may decide to include a linen tower with a TV shelf.

Although there are tons of resources online, it is worth investing in a few books on bathroom design. Many decorating magazines also have section on remodeling that include bathroom redo ideas. Plan time to visit more than one showroom, including some higher end ones, so that you can get an idea of all the options you have for Bathroom Cabinets in Atlanta.

Working on a bathroom is more difficult than larger spaces such as kitchens. Everything you touch has either electrical, water or drainage considerations. So, when you hire a contractor, try to get a company that specializes in bathrooms.

Plan a Budget

Cabinets are probably not the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel. Therefore, determine how much you can spend, taking into account all the other costs of the project. New bathroom vanities and cabinets can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. If you are using a designer, they may also have connections that will save you money.

Buying unfinished cabinets is great for the budget, if you are able to install and finish them yourself. Shopping online for deals can help make money go further, but you won’t know ahead of time what you are getting.

Following the Trends

In order to get the best return on your investment when you sell your home, it is a good idea to follow the most up-to-date trends. Fun features for keeping order are currently popular in bathroom cabinetry. Lighting is also key and cabinets with light rails for illumination are convenient and beautiful.

This translates into smaller pieces with furniture-like features, including bun feet and raised panels. There is currently a preference for richer colors like dark cherry and walnut. Another new practice is matching the cabinetry in the bathroom with the rest of the house. This is to gain consistency throughout the home. The cabinets in the bathroom should match the kitchen cabinets, living room built-ins and the wet bar, for example.

More and more people are opting to transform their bathroom into a relaxing retreat they can enjoy for a long time to come, and one that will be a valuable asset when it comes time to sell the home.